Four Leaf Clovers

Dear 286 Saint John St.

I can honestly say that I don’t really miss you… that’s for sure.  No offense but you really weren’t that great to us.  We didn’t own you.  My single mother with her two boys was renting you at the time and we waz po!

My brother had his first paper route there. That xmas he made over a hundred dollars in tips! My mum made him not only share the money with me… but I’m pretty sure she took a healthy cut for herself as well.

I think I’ll first start by asking you about the little back yard.
I remember when I was just a little boy playing back there with my mother and brother… I’m not sure who exactly it was… but we came across a four leaf clover!
I remember learning about how rare this was, and how special it was… well… they couldn’t be that special… because there wasn’t just one back there, there was a whole patch of four leaf clovers! We even found five leaf clovers and six leaf clovers there! Mum saved several of them in the dictionary.

Well… this is where the irony kicks in.

Xmas 84 my brother got a chemistry set. We had it in the back room of the house, the one with the stairs that went down to the back yard. Anyways, we were trying to find the cure for the common cold and ended up burning the house down. We left on the god damn bunsen burner and went out for a bike ride… Really it was just a candle with a holder… but it was still enough flame to ignite whatever the hell was in that early 80s xmas chemistry set.

I remember we were actually at a friends house and mum came there on her bike to tell us about the fire.

Shit, now that I think about it… perhaps I should really apologize for that. Or perhaps I can yell at you for being such a shit house and letting a little candle ass bunsen burner destroy all of our belongings?

Either way.

Are you still a rental unit?

Have you found the lucky clovers?

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